Reiki Master

Think positive thoughts and good health and good fortune. Think nothing and achieve happiness. Reiki is actually to help those trapped in yourself, access the healing energies of a higher power. In a way, also, Reiki can be called an asset, a ritual of prayer. Reiki is very simple and very religious act of faith. In essence, the Reiki healer or teacher can be seen as a channel or a vessel for the transformative power of God’s love. The doctor places his hands on the person to be cured with the intention of healing, and then the energy begins flowing. In the affected body part, without trial or thoughts of Reiki Master.

The healer is based exactly the amount of energy needed for the recipient. There is no conscious intervention or appeal by the healer who is there to keep the “healing space” open between the diseased or troubled person and the divine love before. The healer / s job is to pull off the road and be a conduit. Often, if you will observe a Reiki therapist, he or she seems to stop and watch or listen to the signs of what to do next, a silent voice. Traditionally, the healer is taught a set of hand positions that rested on the body ill or troubled person. Sometimes it looks like the Reiki master is giving the person a half a hair massage. The Reiki practitioner will occasionally shovel or actions which is smooth as a quilt.

This is all part of his intention to correct the imbalances of energy intuitively in his aura. Some healers will also place your hands directly on a diseased or ill of a body and keep them there as long as necessary. Reiki can also be used for storms still emotional and heal relationships. This is done by correcting the subtle energies of what is known as “orgone body”, “electromagnetic field” or aura. Often, hands are airborne once again, removing blocks and negative entities or thought forms of force-field of the person. Reiki is also used to cure people from a distance. This is also called “distant healing.” Although not always necessary, the Reiki healer will ask an object or create an object representing the sick person. Treat the object is thought to also treat the person at a distance far away. Some talented teachers have also Reiki objects known to heal such as automobiles, computers and traffic jams. The idea is to act as a ship and send the situation light so as to correct itself. In a way, Reiki is also to break bad patterns. The great sages despise anything too habitual as it is thought to cause stagnation and disease. Good interference by a trained Reiki master or worker of the light is thought to break these patterns and allow a new impulse to trigger the healing process.