Quarter Is Raymond

University of the State of Mato Grosso 1.6Residncia of the Execution Street Getlio Vargas, N 510, Quarter Is Raymond, Bar of the Bugres? TM, Brazil. 2.NVEIS INVOLVED Coordinating 2.1Professor of Period of training Prof. Rodrigo Fernando orienting 2.2Professor Shimazu Prof. Alexander Berndt Served as apprentice 2.3Organizao UNEMAT – University of the State of Mato Grosso University Campus Member of the house of representatives Rene Barbour Department of Computer science 3.OBJETIVOS 3.1Objetivo Generality To develop applicatory one on the Android platform that converts digital images of sources True Type, in texts you edited and you searched, making use of techniques of Optic Recognition of Character. specific 3.2Objetivos? Installation and configuration of an environment that allows the programming of applicatory for the Android platform; Study of the paradigm of programming Guided to the Object; Study of the Java language; Study of language XML; Study of the different ones techniques of Optic Recognition of Caractere (OCR)? To develop the Archetype of the Application; To carry through tests of the developed application; Analysis and purification of the data gotten through the tests; 4.JUSTIFICATIVA Martin King, revolutionized the history of the mobile devices after the invention of a new system of digitao in mobile devices, this system if it calls T9 (Text on 9 Keys), more known as forecast of T9 text.