Public Networks

For example domain ru – is our national domain. Managing the national domain ru domains (even call them bands) perform special organization. These organizations are not owners of the domain – the domain names of the upper (first) level is not transmitted to them in the property, but solely for the management and coordination of development. In Russia, such organization is the Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN), in Moscow and in 1993 has been delegated the right to administer the zone ru. ru domain is the basis for the Russian Internet zone (Runet). It is this framework provides the opportunity to register various domain names for Runet by the appearance of second-level domains. Second-level domains – the kind of domain names to register (physical and legal person) Second-level domains – a domain name to the following: www.imya_sayta.RU Here ru – a top-level domain.

The proper name of a web-site – domain name – is in second place by the end of your full name. That's why so such domains are called second level domain names. Finally, www – this is the standard name of the third level, as a rule, it equals just a domain name: imya_sayta.RU Thus, the user can nabrirat in the address bar, and www.imya_sayta.RU imya_sayta.RU and he still goes to the same web-site. Second level domain names registered by organizations of registrars. At the moment, for ru zone such organization is RU-CENTER Third-level domains – the kind Domain name registration (natural and legal persons) the third level domain names can be divided into several large blocks. From these blocks the most widely used regional domains of the third level.

These domains point to the geographic region (geographic area), for example: (St. Petersburg) (Moscow) () and so on There is also a third level domains include such common domains, such as: third level domain names registered by organizations that own the rights to second-level domain. Fees for registration are set respective organizations. Click here to choose a domain name for your web site