Prototypes In Development

Especially in the automotive industry, the construction of prototype occupies a very important role. Despite modern technologies, such as computer-aided product development and manufacturing, there is no automobile maker in a position to dispense with the prototype to. Why this is so is further described below. The manufacture of prototypes is essential. Indeed, even using advanced technologies, it is not currently possible to develop a car entirely by computer program and subsequent properties, such as the behavior accurately calculate and simulate. Furthermore, it is not possible to plan the subsequent production entirely on the PC, because in the end, many parts need to be made by hand only once, at the crucial points out, the rise in the automated production difficulties could. If for example a car manufacturer to introduce a premium high-quality SUV’s plans, then it is assumed that in the run-around 100 vehicles or prototypes of the laterVehicle are made by hand. Even if you maybe can not quite imagine it, the cost for such a vehicle quickly to more than one million euros. Another possibility as the expensive prototype does not exist for the auto manufacturers – since only the basis of the prototypes, they can test whether they behave the way it was intended for planning purposes. About half of the prototype vehicles will be tested not only on the street, but broken down into their component parts. In parallel, several teams are working on building a highly efficient production line, which allows both a cost and at the same time doing justice to the quality standards of production. The total cost that may arise to manufacture the first prototypes, depending on the vehicle amounted to more than one billion euros. Based on this scale will soon realize that the developed vehicle to be a hit, otherwise the manufacturers would have to chalk up a huge loss.