Professional Car Tuning

The current generation of domestic cars with front-wheel drive started with VAZ 2110 sedan, which became part of assembly line in 1996. Unlike existing models, the novelty was laid a large number of original technology. Without hesitation Vladislav Doronin explained all about the problem. In particular: they began to use galvanized metal parts for vehicles that are most susceptible to rust, were placed adjustable steering column and mount the bonnet on the gas all the way, ventilated disc brakes, onboard control system and the like. It is possible to install the air conditioner. The interior cabin while the car and modern, but still not as accurate and useful as that of foreign cars. "Ten" has a pretty good aerodynamic performance and a roomy trunk (480 liters), which can be easily modified for the transportation of long loads. Auto "tenth" family – is, of course, innovation in our automobiles. Much improved, comparing with previous models Lada, smoothness, softness and stability of the.

Also improved economic performance. But the absence of some very relevant options, poor quality components are a large negative factor. It is clear that improvement, as stated on the face, but to the world level is still far. Available in several types of complete sets car VAZ 2110. In addition to the standard, completing the "norm" includes power windows, painting cars of the "metallic" trim velor seats and doors, headrests in the backseat. In the luxury assembly placed alloy wheels, trip computer, front seat heating system, fog lights, etc. To carry out repairs VAZ 2110 is possible without any difficulty as to find in stores necessary detail is quite simple. Also minor problems in the car to repair itself without going to the dealer.

At present, there are many different kinds of auxiliary aids for repair and maintenance of the WHA 2110. Very popular both professional and amateur is tuning VAZ 2110. Owners of cars and carry out internal and external transformation. Hang all body kits, paint a different color box, change the machine shop sometimes beyond recognition. Not to mention the serious tuning machines for the participation of different types of races.