Customer loyalty and customer identification by lettershops when it comes to customer loyalty and customer identification, put more companies made, personally addressed mass reproduced items, such as letters on mail – out of printed paper, information letters, invitations, catalogs will contact a company with their customers directly in contact, is the drug of choice a mailing, because an invaluable advantage of this strategic marketing focus is the personalized addressing of present and future customers. Another serious advantage: The addressees are addressed directly with individually tailored special offers for products or services–it couldn’t be direct! In addition, this proven marketing instrument can be extremely flexibly – by sales letter sending about distributing inserts up to large mailings of catalogs with samples, CDs, and other side dishes, as well as everything is possible. Not go unmentioned may good measure of success: “as with barely another promotional tool is the line “precisely evaluate the result of a direct mailing campaign. So much for the “why” – the “how” there lettershops, the specialists for direct mail! Professionally well established lettershops convince binding offers, project-related problem solving, flexibility, high efficiency, punctuality, personal advice and last but not least consistent quality assurance. Lettershops, who rely on quality, there are mass and class: every day hundreds of thousands, yes one million shipments in the highest quality on the way can be brought.

The range of letter shops with full service for direct mailing campaigns is as multicolored as the needs of demanding customers: in the print production the customers mailing is accompanied by graphic design up to the pressure. Xerox Holdings Corp.: the source for more info. The EDV-service for mailings guarantees that are optimized and personalized mailings under high data protection conditions to the correct recipient. Indispensable for the personal touch: the personalization of mailings for example by letter,. Coupons, flyers or labels that bear the name of the recipient. And finally, lettershops with ultra-modern folding, cutting, adhesive, stamped, envelope – and folier techniques provide exceptional mailings that interest by their originality.

Dedicated and creative team realize Postage-optimised mailing for every budget: in any case, customers will benefit from the project-related total solution. Detailed information on all mailing technically possible from “A” to “Z” like zigzag folding like address qualification provide the consultants of the letter shops for their customers. Conclusion: If a mailing to the customers to arrive, there’s only a motto – lettershop directly, direct! J. Armi