Pit Bull Terrier

Friends at the cottage or in the meadow for a picnic let the dog first to adapt to the site. If you go to meet strangers or unfriendly dog – Take your pet on a leash. Street fights with other dogs, especially fighting breeds, often lead to escape a dog that called "aimlessly". Therefore, when the first signs of irritation with someone or take away by a pet out of sight of the aggressor. It is not uncommon death of fights, so be especially vigilant with Pit Bull Terrier and the Staffordshire Terrier. Attach your contact information on the dog collar, and never let her out without a collar.

You can buy in pet stores special capsules to put back the paper with the address or personal tokens for dogs with engraved phones and other your contacts. Also on the collar tag can be mounted in stainless steel, length from 35 to 60 mm depending on the size of the dog. It should be engrave contact telephone number, preferably, the word "reward" and the nickname dog. If you have expensive pedigree dogs and might be for someone to material interest – do not leave her alone in public places, for example, tied at the supermarket. And in general it is better not to leave the dog out of sight. Suddenly, someone decides that it is lost, and would lead to another.

Wean a dog chasing cats, birds and cars. Inspired by the pursuit hunter can run into the unfamiliar terrain and lost. During estrus, even the most mannered and docile female may dart away for adventures far away, so walk her on a leash, vigilantly guarding her honor and dignity. The same is true of dogs: can never be sure that there is no proximity technoy females, or walking a dog wedding, so let off the leash should not be. In the car the dog also needs to be tied. So the dog does not hurt you to manage transportation, if suddenly something scared. In addition, when a sudden stop or any incident, it does not jump out of the car at an unknown location or on the road. (Although it's doubtful – if god forbid an accident, the dog can not get out without the aid of machines). Many dogs are afraid of loud noises. Thunderstorms and firecrackers. Therefore, in the New Year holidays should be more closely monitor the dog. Dogs who are afraid of fireworks is not is calm, they may think that you praise them for what they fear and fear will be stronger afterwards. Teach your dog to loud noises. In general, try to walk the dog is less than during the fireworks, fireworks and loud promenade – pet may be frightened and run away to an unknown destination.