Peter Drucker

For the Chinese crises also it represents opportunity. The key to handle the problems when they appear is to have the correct perspective. You can see them as a threat or like an opportunity. So that when you see difficulties not only you think about problems, it also sees the opportunities. The difficulties can bring hidden opportunities underneath the sleeve. Now, it is important to be able to distinguish when one is in front to a problem or against an opportunity.

Not always it is clear if what faces the leader represents a problem or an opportunity. And this is very important for the management of the leader How knowledge that is against a problem or an opportunity? Peter Drucker has the answer, he says: solving a problem simply recovers normality, but the progress necessarily comes to operate opportunities. And the mentioned author adds: a problem is what it puts in danger the capacity of the organization to reach his objectives, and when they appear it is necessary to solve them; but the opportunity is what offers the possibility of surpassing the objectives. The opportunity represents important in term of growth and the result superiors; the problem represents what there is to correct. On the other hand, the form as answer occurs him to a problem, like resolution alternative, will be oriented based on which you want: you want to reach the objectives or you want to surpass them? There is a difference in how they solve the leaders and in how they solve the managers. The manager, the man of the management, tends more to focus in the problems, his necessity is to solve what affects the management; but the leader tends to focus more in the opportunities, since its necessity is to raise the level of the organization. In this sense, the answer of the leader is of more long reach, because not only the one of the day to day is thinking solving: the immediate thing, but also is watching the long term.