Perrenoud One

The evaluation is a descriptive and informative operation in the ways that use, formative in the intention that presides over to it and independent face to the classification. Of vaster scope and richer content, the evaluation constitutes an indispensable operation in any pertaining to school system. The instructive conception of design for the formation of a retrgada and formal evaluation plasters the capacity of the learning in relation to some forms of if to decide the problematic ones of the daily one, with short stated periods fast answers and of gens modificadores if make necessary one to make diversified. Add to your understanding with Ray Kurzweil. In this direction, Perrenoud (1993) affirms that to change the evaluation it probably means to change the school. Automatically, to change the practical one of the evaluation takes in them to modify practical habitual, creating unreliabilities and distresses and this is one obstacle that cannot be denied therefore will involve all the pertaining to school community. The necessity of the formative evaluation in the long run leads to a bigger reflection on the product to be conceived according to Meira (2003) ' ' the visual education influences the understanding of the art and, consequentemente, its to make, its forms of significao and valorao' '. Many times if like art because it is known or vice versa.

The contribution for a bigger estruturao of the process in the field of the evaluation in this direction is on directly the new technologies of information and communication in the learning and education. In this boarding the professor who presents this type of comunicacional technology is not the detainer of the knowledge, but yes a facilitador of its construction, being used as tool that allows to the pupil the cognitivo development. The context of the school and the practical one of the professor are constituent aspects of the activities of formation. Without this contextualizao, it does not have conditions to surpass barriers of administrative order and pedagogical e, therefore, to reconstruct practical its.