Pack Behavior

2) The second reason to jump, although less frequent, is that they may be trying to establish a dominant position. The dogs jump at each other, lean your head or leg (or both legs) on the shoulder of a dog that wants to dominate and exert some pressure. The motivation is the same as jumping on people. The dog may be trying to express the dominant state. In these cases the dogs stand on two feet and support their forelegs on the breast of its owner. It important to identify this behavior to meet your dog in the broader context of their relationship with you.

First, realize that a disobedient dog is not necessarily a fool. If you do not listen, and pushes or pulls you may have decided not to recognize as his superior in the hierarchy of the pack (even while thinking about you and your partner!). Whether male or female, a dog that always jumps you may be showing some of the behavior of dominant males. If you suspect that your dog's jump is actually an expression of domination, then you probably have to work harder to rectify this by implementing the tactics and techniques. It just means you have to do more than simply ignore the dog when jumping and train to sit and resolve to get their attention. For example, jets of water from a toy gun, hard to say "NO" or even force pushing it or giving the dog a gentle tap with your knee on his chest until stop this behavior.