Original Once

Perhaps every minute and several times per second when it is the computer the one that is in charge of that is comparing the present trajectory with the planned one. When a deviation is detected the pilot does not enter panic. Nor he begins to judge itself like a pilot evil. Nor he causes that its self-esteem crumbles because is not able to maintain to the ship in a perfect air line. Without judgment and anguish, simply he executes the remedial actions. We transfer this to your life. It is a business goal or related to your professional or personal development, there are several learnings that we can emphasize taken from metaphor of the airplane.

Specifically: It anticipates the deviations. They are going to happen things. And when you believe more that you have everything controlled, the unexpected thing is going to arise: they cancel the meeting to you, you are in the middle of the traffic, you are discovered repeating the habit that there are promised to leave, you feel with the energy below which you wanted to feel. In this sense, you are not punished. You do not put in judgment fabric your capacity.

Simply, the deviation is part of the process. It evaluates with the frequency necessary to maintain your effectiveness. Many people and organizations have the worse plan of all to reach their goals: once they fix the objective begins to work but they evaluate his progress when it has already spent too much time. For example: you determined a goal to end of year (typical of that time frasean themselves like ” In January beginning ” , ” In January I leave ” , ” In January I take “), but when it is that you return to review you have obtained if it or no? The next December! A year already went away. The deviation is already too great. What you have left is to return to include the goal in the plan for the next calendar. It imagines if, instead of to evaluate once a year, you take the time once a month to reflect on your performance and your approach or spacing to your objectives. You manage to multiply by twelve the probabilities of your success. And if you once undertake the habit of revisarte to the week? Now you have 52 times more chance to reach your destiny! I do not know if you will have realized the following thing. The metaphor of the airplane includes, for me, the extraordinary and liberating news: In order to achieve the success it is not necessary that you are perfect. Your success which requires of you is that you appropriate the process of profit with conscience and certainty. How salirte of the way and even so to arrive at your destiny? Evaluating and correcting continuously. Not leaving your success to the luck. But aduendote of the process that implies to be upon your performance. Without judgment. Accepting the error, the deviation and the encounter with the unexpected thing. But hacindote responsible reason why touches to you: to perseverar with intelligence until prevailing.