The SolarEasy company is to revolutionize the German Solarthermiemarkt with a new, ground-breaking product. A solar stove called allHeater buffers solar produced heat, releases delay in the form of infra-red radiation they and thus ensures high efficiency and best indoor climate. The storage of solar heat is a major challenge. Because the greater the memory capacity, the greater the yield of the solar system. So far, a large storage capacity meant always a large volume. Usually water as a storage medium is used? The Alzenauer company SolarEasy now has a completely new, sophisticated solar storage technology in the portfolio: the solar oven allHeater, take the solar heat directly into living rooms, bathrooms and offices.

The special thing about it: So far the heat reached only via the network of heating and radiators in the rooms to be heated. The allHeater, however, stores heat from the Sun directly and gives it as a stove on up to 24 Hours back down. To facilitate this, the developer and manufacturer, the company equips Ziegler, the furnaces with a special phase storage material. In the allHeater buffers so-called phase changing material, short PCM, the energy from the Sun. Thanks to this technology, the various heater models reach their relatively large storage capacity in minimum volume. The concept is based on a physical principle: A phase transition, from down to liquid in the PCM of the allHeater when saving heat more energy than the same temperature rise without the change of aggregate state proceeding required. As a result more energy is released when the recovery of the heat again. Because there the physical state of the PCM in this case changes from liquid to fixed. The second great advantage of allHeater: He is not via convection (heat flow), but with the help of infra-red radiation. This form of heat transfer is much more efficient.