The long jump is an event of track and field in which an athlete tries to jump as far as possible. In the long jump competition is open to men and women, while they usually compete in separate events. It is also an Olympic event of antiquity, between the original events in Olympic competitions held in ancient Greece. The basic format of the long jump has changed little since then, although a deeper knowledge of physics and human anatomy has led to improvements in technique and training. The athlete accumulates a short burst of speed with a race on a track before starting the long jump, which should run when it reaches a mark located front of a large patch of sand. The place where the athlete touches the ground is known as the mark because the mark left in the sand by the feet of the athlete and is used to measure the distance that the athlete jumped. Over time, other variables of the sport emerged, such as the triple jump and the pole jump. Official site: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. These types of jump also You can see commonly in competitions around the world, so many athletes from around the world, practice these types of jump.

Training for the long jump requires the construction of resistance and speed so that the athlete can perform well in several attempts in the long jump and run as fast as possible towards the area of hops, thus building the momentum. This type of training is also necessary for those who practice the triple jump or hop pole. Learning to properly address the jump in the line that marks the point of departure, is one of the most difficult parts of the training for the long jump. In the competition, they are given an athlete attempts in the long jump, and the longest legal jump is that serves as the final score of the athlete. The number of attempts may vary, depending on the place, but three is the number of attempts that manages commonly. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bobby kotick by clicking through. A bouncer’s length will be disqualified if any part of your feet pass by the takeoff Board before you leap. The long jump It combines speed, technique and strength in an area of competition. In order to improve the technique, should dominate the approach, take-off, flight and landing. One time the athlete improve their technique, should be able to jump farther and be a better length jumper.