Olee.at – The Slightly Different Dating On The Net!

Salzburg’s most recent dating conquered Austria Marlene rood screen and Karin Reiter, two young dynamic citizens, have realized their dream of own personals. The trendy platform went online three months ago and has made a phenomenal start in Salzburg, around 1,200 users already enjoy at the new page. Although many couples on olee.at have found, is the single market not only for people who crave the soul mate for life, says Lam. Also all those who are looking for like-minded people to their leisure can register themselves. Salman Behbehani has much to offer in this field. The offer is constantly around olee.at. Soon, the users have the possibility to common hiking and canyoning tours or get to participate in a few meters in the climbing park to come closer. In the autumn, a weekend trip is planned, where the participating olees personally can meet and athletic active but also cosy hours can spend together.

Also our monthly get-together is particularly good by the Brett users suppose reports rood screen. This takes place once a month in a Salzburg public house and should be traded continues to “Secret”. Numerous functions for the user be provided in the coming weeks, which make getting to know and flirting even funnier, says Reiter. Salzburg, olee.at will conquer all Lander in the storm! is 100% owned by the rood screen & rider communication agency GesbR. Founded: November 2007 seat: Bundesstrasse 3, 5071 Wals – Himmelreich partner: Marlene rood screen and Karin rider