Programmer – the person who solves a problem you do not understand the way that you do not know. Saying. For a long time I idealized mathematical tool. With it's so wonderful everything was resolved what seemed to be no the nature of things that can not be calculated. Then it turned out that the mathematical apparatus – a tool and like any other, has its limits of applicability. For example, in the three-body problem of celestial mechanics needed describe the motion of three planets under the influence of gravity.

"Let the n – an arbitrary integer. The fundamental problem of celestial mechanics – the n-body problem – is the following. In the void is n material points interacting by Newton's law of universal gravitation. Given the initial positions and velocities of points. Required to find the location of points for all subsequent time points. Study the mathematical difficulties of this problem increases rapidly with increase in the number of bodies. For arbitrary n the problem is not solved yet, although there are many analytical and numerical methods, focused on the use of computers, which can give an approximate solution. This decision allows for a given specific initial conditions to determine the position of each of n points with any required accuracy for practical purposes, for any finite period of time. But these methods are unable to answer the question about behavior points to an arbitrarily large unlimited period of time, although this issue is extremely important in the problem of the future of the solar system, and indeed the whole universe, too.