News Of The Ipad 2 Apple

At the moment is only an advertisement, full of mystery and a lot of rumors that shuffled different Hardware configurations, some exaggerating their skills, and others by casting overboard some illusions that your users require, although the truth is that nothing is confirmed, or even its date of release. Some sites sets out that the long-awaited iPad 2 would be coming late this month, while others, more cautious, pointing towards no more beyond the end of the first quarter of 2011, something that covers more possibilities and does not risk too much, although the truth is that some features found in common in various sources, and we provide it below. The screen of iPad 2 apparently will keep its dimensions, but will work on giving a quality four times greater than that of its predecessor, by what we would be talking about 2048 x 1536 pixels, if moved them to the 9.7 inches of the current screen, would give a density of 264 DPI, something that is inconsistent with the Apple officials, who had promised that it would exceed 300 DPI versions (something that apparently not yet reached) this would also be accompanied by a Hardware technology logically higher, possibly using a dual core processor, and maybe compatible with the OpenGL graphics acceleration, which could open the doors to a wide range of applications for iPad among which could be found any other game. Various sources is that the processor that will equip will be dual-core, being or of a new generation of unprocesador A5, or a new A8, which would take the name SGX543MP2y would be faster to the processor of the current version of the iPad, elSGX535, something that has caught the attention of many application developers, who will seek to deliver the highest possible performance taking advantage of this new technology.