Creating software is an application development process and the actual dimensions of the practical importance of satisfying the specifications of functionality and performance. Programming software – this is one of the activities included in the cycle of program development. Program design is the process of building applications and actual dimensions of the practical relevance, meet the specified requirements of functionality and performance. Technology development programs and software should include a variety of types of programs, including those listed below. Standalone software: – installed on a single computer – not connected with other software and hardware, embedded software: – part of a unique application involving hardware, software General of time: – to serve for a short period of time, usually a few microseconds, Network software: – consists of parts interacting through the network; From the outset of the project should be documented, configuration management, which is likely to be changed or updated during the development program. The next step is to collect requirements for the application. It includes, above all, to discuss the draft with customers and other stakeholders, in its execution. An important part of software development is to design user interaction with the program. To take into account all the factors of quality easy to use checklists.