Movies Online

Returning to the previous post, I had stopped pending talk pages of internet nowadays offering thousands of movies to download or watch free online. They operate in the following way: a user enters, chooses a film, and you can not only download the, but that they offer to view it online. This is newer, and avoids having to first download the movie, with the delay that it implies, for just then see it. New shape, the user is seeing it as you are downloading, so the only thing you need to do is search the catalog of films, select one of your liking, and you can immediately begin to look at her. These sites also offer television series. Some of them are: pH, PelisPedia, sdd-Fanatico, etc. Internet has become a source of potential business.

And this people has managed to obtain benefits offering free movies. Obviously most are still illegal, although it is very difficult to check piracy, since films over the Internet are stored in other totally different sites whose purpose is to be a place for users to upload large files and internet anyone can download them. These sites make money because on the one hand they offer a download option free but slow and limited in terms of amount of downloads and on the other, a quick option without limits but pay. Some examples are: Megaupload, Hotfile, Rapidshare, FileServe, UploadStation, etc. Uploading and downloading of files, of these sites also pay people that upload files in them.

That way they are able to have a good base to then capture users who subscribe to download pay. Anyway, I do not think that it makes easy money longer than obivamente these sites are not stupid and what they earn by subscriptions and advertising is a lot more than what you pay. For example, Megaupload every 1000 downloads would be paying around $10 a person who climbed the file.