Motorized Adjusting

State power of Russia in recent years has improved, but lack of funding prevents the development of new technologies to improve the quality of the tpp, tpp and npp. Operation and development electricity sector is an important moment in the economy. Operation of energy facilities today is unthinkable without the use of technological schemes regulating valves. Flow Control working environment, its consumption in most cases is motorized gate valves. Response of the actuator to the changing processes or nonstandard (emergency) situation does not depend only on the valve and actuator, but also on the control command devices. At thermal and nuclear power plants in many cases necessary to use reverse contactors to control electric power up to 7,5 kW and above. When This flow chart of these devices, provides for work in the intermittent mode, with frequent launches.

The use of conventional electromagnetic actuators was not reliable here. Existing thyristor amplifiers or did not provide the necessary amount of power or do not have the necessary consumer protection functions of the electric overload on the shaft, breaking and phase imbalance, inrush current surge. An important requirement was the need to regulate the time of electrodynamic braking or turn it off. The presence of multiple electrical cables and electrical appliances, to impose similar devices Additional requirements for electromagnetic compatibility. Ensure maximum motorized actuator data functions and parameters is possible only with new circuit design and modern element base. Plant 'Staroruspribor' constantly engaged in the development and introduction of equipment for process automation. One of the areas is the development of devices for control and protection of motors.

To take into account all the nuances of the device at the stage of implementation 'Staroruspribor' provides equipment for testing. Fully understanding the needs of domestic energy companies, employees of the company created a new transistor amplifier U-22MT, which solves the problem of reliable and functional control of asynchronous electric power to 14 kW. Installing this device on the old equipment provides its reliability (equipment) working in the mode of frequent launches. Amplifier protects the motor against overload, which prolongs its service life. Application of technology the military-industrial complex as well as the introduction of modern control systems for product quality (ISO-9001) allows the plant to ensure high reliability and long service life of products. The amplifier is made in monoblock form factor with minimal dimensions (398h215; 240h215; 142) and weight, providing a surface-mounting. Amplifier provides: management mode: direct, reverse, adjustable time and effort to stop the dynamic braking, stopping with mandated shutdown dynamic braking control methods: manual, remote from the voltage or current signal; protect the engine from phase failure, excessive inrush currents, over the shaft, light alarm causes stop; light indication of modes and methods . conclusions obtained in the pilot operation, fully confirm the technical and functional capabilities of the new contactless bidirectional amplifier. Review of oao Territorial Generation Company 5 'product U22MT was established for the trial operation for a period of 90 days in an electrical control circuit avtoregulyatora level drum boiler number 2B. During operation for 130 days U22MT showed excellent job. Ability to set time and increase braking torque electric motor rotor undoubtedly played a positive role for quality management level in the drum kotla.Direktor cap Kirov CHPP-5 og Anferov. The factory provides products for trial operation.