Motherboards term adopted in desktop PCs, for laptops often loses its meaning, because in most cases adopted the concept of SBC for their construction. Each succeeding model of the computer, even one manufacturer, original in its structural platform, not to mention the models of different companies. The ongoing search for optimal solutions of compromise manufacturers minimize the issues of weight and dimensions, the effective removal of heat, increase battery life and all while increasing productivity, increasing the volume and speed and size of the inner periphery of the LCD screen identifies a variety of platforms in construction of various models. The most characteristic faults 'Parent' fees may include failure of internal power converter, controller ports (mainly buffer the RS-232), problems with the BIOS, the failure of the processor, system controller, video controller, etc. In the case of lack of initialization issue 'bip' code, yes, and for any other faults in your notebook strongly advised to undertake independent attempts to disassemble the computer.

It is unlikely that your familiar in electronics, have the necessary experience, equipment and tools to conduct any appropriate repairs. Seek professional advice! LCD – Displays one of the first screens that were created for laptops were monochrome LCDs are mostly created by the so-called passive matrix. The next step was the advent of color LCD-displays created on its basis. The desire to improve the image quality provided dual-scan (dual-scan, DSTN) and identified a new class of matrices – active (active, TFT), which give, by far, the highest image quality, which is comparable to the monitors, cathode ray tubes.