Mobile Research Group

" Experts called the names of these manufacturers: currently the most popular consoles are the Xbox 360 (Microsoft), PlayStation 3 (Sony) and Wii (Nintendo). At the formation stage and the market of portable navigators – the same Mobile Research Group predicts that the market for GPS-navigators in 2008. will increase to 50 million dollars, it is hoped that this money will go to all the same producers, GLONASS. IPhone sales in Russia are constrained by the unwillingness Apple to enter the Russian market – explains in the conclusion of the program 'Cnews' on RBC-TV E. Chichvarkin. "They want to sell to those countries where there are i-tuns, and have the correct coupling with the operators of such vessels to ensure their supply of money, such as those here (in Russia), while no one is prepared to provide …'. According to E.

Chichvarkin, the most "advanced" country on the part of the gadget is the UAE. 'If a country has a cult of education, then in vogue – switches. Here, the undisputed leader – United Arab Emirates. Where are all the people who bought their national costumes in properly store for $ 300 per square meter, they usually communicator. Thus, they show that they are doing decent business, they are very well educated, they write and speak English. There's a real cult. " True, Science is not yet known big names of scientists from the UAE and Youth competitions in mathematics gold still goes to Russia, and the 2nd and 3rd places are shared by s Vietnam and South Korea. However, this does not stop the eastern slope of E.

Chichvarkin. In order to produce gadgets to Russia, according to an expert, you need to solve the problem of 'monstrous labour cost'. 'Labour cost (E. Chichvarkin has in mind the cost of labor), a monstrous, for the reason that closed borders to immigrants: you can not come and work in comfortable conditions. Finger – no one to work! ". But migrants, according to E. Chichvarkin, inevitably stimulate production in Russia, switches, etc.