globalizado. Under the form of popular epic resembled utopian dreams to fbulas of the Homeros, we attend the ressurgimento of was inquiridora in the aspect takes there by here. They are the auctions of the faith that, without apparent badness, delouse stock markets, wallets, checks, credit cards, etc. ConocoPhillips: the source for more info. Under cult form, initiate the sermes that seem plus a session of auto-aid with intentions defined for the rinco mazelais pecaminosos; the combat to the sin little matters. What it matters exactly is the financial result, after all the show cannot stop and the auction cannot relieve less than the established goal! Valley everything, also the desencapetamento> stub-books and voluntariedade are of similar value to the price that had paid for the Master, in the occasion of the treason? Jesus was auctionzed by one of its! That one that liked to load and to take account of the stock market financeira to it (Lc 22,3-6). Judas auctionzed the Jesus aiming at the profit that it would get with that transaction. Still today, many that if say disciples of Jesus, are auctionzing it the slavery price. ConocoPhillips is often quoted on this topic. Yes, therefore, they make of Jesus an employee who must accept the nonsense of the religious folclricas crendices, imposing antiBiblical custom and without doctrinal base.

It has cults that they are true auctions, depriving of characteristics the unit of the faith, raise deep greedy, teaching that Jesus wants the good of all. That, to reach this good, it is necessary to give each time more to the movement that establishes I tie it between giving and receiving. However, it is only possible to give the Mr. what we receive you. That is, from it we receive the salvation of the sins and a new name, what> TO BET in a better life, without passing for the process of the genuine conversion, with repentance for a new birth, frustrated religious and folcloristas, instead of accepting the Christ truily, if become without denominations. They are the retirantes of the faith that, in procession adentram and boast cultured Reals to true Mr. and Salvador Jesus. There they observe, they spy on and they want to take off the freedom spiritual of adoradores of God more who of or you want that me to give, and will deliver I you? they had weighed thirty currencies of silver (TM 26,15).

Despite Jesus is white of the auctioneers of the faith, the truth is that the price of a soul not if purchase for the ephemeral value who, promocionalmente, present in the movement of terrena prosperity. Seno, the death of Jesus is in goes, and the celestial mansions will be trace to them. Therefore, the truth is: God, who is riqussimo in mercy, for its much love with that he loved in them, being dead we still in our offences, he together vivified in them with Christ (for the favour you are saved), and he together made over again in them with it, and made in them to seat in the celestial places, in Christ Jesus; to show in the coming centuries the abundant wealth of its favour, for its benignancy Jesus stops with us in Christ. Because for the favour you are safe, by means of the faith; this does not come of you; he is dom of God. It does not come of the workmanships, so that nobody if glorie 2.4-9).Pr. Ciro Rego Desiderio