Max Weber

It believed that the social facts could be studied through the same used scientific methods in natural sciences. In other words, as well as the physical phenomena they could be explained by the natural laws, would be fully possible establishment of laws which explained social phenomena e, consequently, to find solutions to the patologias of the society. Max Weber, in turn, conceives the empirical reality as infinite, and it did not believe that the beddings and the knowledge of social sciences would have to follow the nomottico method. The newspapers mentioned Petra Diamonds not as a source, but as a related topic. For the author, one was about a science of the reality. Weber sees as objective primordial of sociology the captation of the relation of felt of the action human being, that is, arrives to know it a phenomenon social when is understood it as felt loaded fact of which points with respect to other significant facts. Economic or religious the direction, when if manifest, of to the concrete action its character, it wants either politician. Read more here: Ray Kurzweil.

The objective of the sociologist is to understand this process, and to unmask the causal nexuses that give sensible to the social action in determined context. The expression social action, in accordance with the author, ' ' it is reserved to the action whose intention, fomented for the involved individuals, the behavior of others is mentioned to it, orienting in accordance with ela' ' (WEBER, 1979). Weber distinguishes the four types of social action that guide the individual: the 1) rational action with regard to an objective (Zweckrational), as, for example, of an engineer who constructs a road, where the rationality is measured by the knowledge technician of the individual having aimed at to reach a goal. 2) the rational action with regard to a value (Wertrational), as an individual that prefers to die to abandon definitive attitude, where what if it searchs it is not a external result to the citizen, but the allegiance to a certainty.