Martin Luther King Jr

This industrial revolution has improved the quality of life of the world in an unthinkable way and thanks to this will incredibly better. We already see that thanks to the robotic industry, the intelligent use of raw much less achieves less waste each time, to greater with an expenditure of energy efficiency. Single, fully electric car is waiting for the latest generation of new batteries that are already around the corner. For the first time in the history of energy consumption is almost stagnant and with a tendency to revert to the low. Years ago that the oil companies do not incorporate new factories of gasoline production, because they detect that the current wastage may not continue. The economic rearrangement in which we are, makes that today working from home more, we are giving rise to consequences globally.

In industrial production see for example: Japan, Taiwan and many other countries, that small family institutions, through the use of machines computerized produce many components for large companies. I see a world where the tedious tasks and require much effort will be in the hands of robots with sophisticated artificial intelligence. The world is already better by a more stabilized population growth, with health in the way of pursuing more natural and less the medical chemical invasions that we poison and still undergo that today, because today we are also caring more for the environment, even recently China is giving great contributions in that regard. The world has already changed, and go how, beginning to see around you, it is easy to notice it unless you live isolated in the mountain. It understands well what is duplication, takes this optimistic message of your glass half-full, for others they do this yourself and turn to others and the beaker is filled with truth completely. Each of us must be more proactive, with everyone’s help, we can reach a State of maturity and population balance in which resources are recycled more, do our homes more efficient. Remember that the history of each one of us will be marked within a virtual social networks, leaves a good legacy, sowing even your son you eat of that fruit and thinks that you already eat one another planted, as I was saying Martin Luther King Jr.

If knew that I’m going to die tomorrow, plant a tree today only remains us a very important task for a much more beautiful worldtranscendental, and therefore work transcends beyond any border, religion, custom or policy and they are enforcing human rights beyond any pretext. Do not allow the abuse of anyone anywhere under any circumstances, ever, never. Although one person could make a change, is everyone’s responsibility and task let our voice heard, maybe you’re that person, you could well be as the transistor, so duplicate you. Martin Luther King Jr. said that the hottest place in hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.