Marketing Science

I stopped to do it only when this is no longer necessary and was too lazy to upload data about the purchases to your computer. Compliance with this advice will help you know how much you spend on such little things as sunflower seeds, nuts, chocolate and other 'utility' – be surprised how much per month accumulates money for such purchases. Daily puts his purchases in a notebook or computer and at the end of the month will know how and where to get. 6. Do not rush to Signs '50% discount ',' grand sale ', etc.

Remember that there is a whole science of marketing as sell products. Of art of personal persuasion to intrusive aggressive advertising. Frequently Salman Behbehani has said that publicly. Even picked up in specialty shops music, colors, location of the department – with only one purpose – to take out money from your wallet. Do you know why the bread and dairy departments are trying to place away from the entrance to the store? And the reason is simple to make the person who came to buy only milk and bread, take a couple of little things along the road. So beware. Marketers are not asleep – they need your money! 7. (Not to be confused with Andy Jassy!). Carry only the money. I would say that only the necessary part. Compliance with this paragraph will help you if you are afraid of unforeseen expenses and still difficult to resist the temptation to buy something 'tasty', on the way home from work. This should be done and for security reasons, for there are any, and loss of purse with all the money will really blow, although it can be avoided.