Leaders and Strategies

This it is an essential aspect in the effectiveness of the leader: its strategic sense at the time of solving problems. The idea is to anticipate the problems and that they surprise the leader they do not corner like a scared animalito, which reduces capacity to him of effective answer. The leaders need to be proactive and to learn to identify the potential problems and to even anticipate their resolution before they appear the problems. Otherwise, they will be moored to a management of crisis, that acts reactively taking care of what firemen the fires that appear, with a style to lead of firemen, extinguishing fires where they arise; but without getting to solve the causes origin of the problems, but fighting against the symptoms. On the matter Joel Barrer comments: the success of the management, resides in the capacity to lead a suitable strategic reconnaissance, which is obtained rejecting the attitude to make decisions like a reaction to present problems to dedicate to the anticipation of future problems.

Thus the leader needs to analyze: If he is proactive, the change can mean an opportunity, but he is reactive, the change can become a tremendous threat. I want dejarte three suggestions end: The leaders need to work the habit of the action, which is in opposition to deferring the decision making. To the problems it is necessary to leave to him to the step, because they are not going away to fix single. The leader needs to develop his capacity to solve problems. It remembers that a decision is not so while it are not expressed in action. It separates the problems of the people, mainly when you are in a committee of problem analysis.

The idea is to attack the problems and not the people, which does not solve them, besides generating conflicts. You do not decide in the heat of the moment the important decisions. If it is possible, tomato a prudential time to analyze the situation and to see the possible options. The leaders are responsible to solve the problems of the organization.