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However, it is a fundamental issue to understand that the prescription of drugs is influenced (with substantial financial and welfare implications for patients and for the whole of the citizen/state); replace a cheque bearer with a gift certificate for books or computer equipment for research is not an acceptable formula may seem more clean (that releases other monetary resources equally, and in any case psychologically creates the same feeling more or less oblivious to debt, or perhaps even more by being more personalized).A more sophisticated variant consists in applying for something (a purchase, a favor) of greater substance, and the refusal, ask a simpler version (and less expensive, but which was probably the original objective); This is seen in fact as a concession, so that initial rejection (which usually generate some discomfort) and especially the subsequent granting of the instigator part compels us to accept the new version, benefiting from the principle of contrast proposed in the previous entry (nmrr-then-retreat technique). IE: first is offered to us the article very expensive and overvalued, and when will reject it shows us that want us to package. The customer thus has in addition a false illusion of control, and above shows more satisfaction.Cialdini proposes to defend ourselves against these tactics through awareness of that involuntary mechanism, and reverse the perception of gift (where applicable) by the attempt of manipulation (then we would be acceptable a response of rejection or directly from me-como-el-queso-y-hasta-luego-lucas). Course, cautiously trying to avoid false positives and attitudes de-entrada not that they are so harmful to mental health (i.e., rather than stop the situation, activate the reflection and weigh the intentionality of gift). However, provided that the automatic becomes aware, it is an added effort.In the end, life is difficult: we need to be naive, but not too, and who knows what the correct balance name: Gustavo Perez psychologist address: Nunez de la Pena 11, 1 right 35003 Las Palmas 928 266 466 web author: original author and source of the article