My wife is a LAPTOP I thought writing this note a little refreshing, outside the context of which they write within the profile of our site, since I wish to send a message to all those who we devote hours and hours to work on the Internet and that also serve as an incentive for entrepreneurs who are just starting. This title is funny but at the same time real. It is part of some discrete claims of my wife…looks like you’re married to a computer I wear a dress from Compaq or HP that I listen to or am going to make food a succulent dish with ingredients of Google. It is funny but true. All seek understanding in our couples and other family, but sometimes is too much time spent. It is to say to them is too much for us that we know that this is the only way to succeed is little the time, at least in the beginning. I should clarify that this is a little fictional because I have understanding of my wife and it is also part of the project…But what that desire in essence, is to make them reflect on the issue and believe not that you as say them many with only 1 hour a day going to achieve success. Every day I’m going to bed with many successful things, but other many pending for the day after.

If you work seriously can not go to sleep without reviewing the statistics of the day in Google Analytics for example or in Alexa. Do then few hours spend to your business on the Internet?… 3.4 hours per week? 3 hours per day?And the more slaughtered or ambitious 10 or 12 hours a day? The reality is that there is not an exact standard of the time that you dedicate to work on the network when you’re starting and then when you’ve achieved some positioning in the Mercado.Por Furthermore, the number of hours but the quality isn’t. It’s what you’re determined to do in these 3 4 or 10 hours of work. But there is no doubt that if start you business and only provide you with little time and even not dominate all the knowledge to expand your venture. I do not think that You can achieve the expected results.Remember that largely for not being absolute, everything depends on you and passion that you are able to provide to the project you are carrying out. If I wonder that I’ve learned in this time on marketing and business strategies by Internet, I would place when I did not know absolutely nothing and would be the path. I’m sure it’s awesome because every day and every minute you learn something new.

It may be that what they learned details or it might be something roughly to serve you for your work, but everything absolutely everything has to develop your work. Remember that you are the architect of your destiny…Do I ask you then want to get married with a computer? want to make commitment with a laptop? Or on the contrary want to have a casual relationship with her as when we are unmarried and presents us with some friend!It is your choice!. The clock does not stop. The time you spend to your business in quantity and quality, at the same time has fabulously well and your sacrifice sooner or later will be rewarded.