You focus on one thing at a time. To do this every morning before starting, identifies the most important task for your goals and make sure you comply. 4. Discipline: Starts and learn to discipline you. It analyzes your way of thinking, taking consciousness of your thinking patterns. When notes that it costs you to concentrate or that is discouraging beam a small pause. Take a brief walk or eat a fruit salad, which will help you renew energies.

5 Habits: If you really want to change your life, you have to develop new habits that will help you move forward in the right direction. Cultivate a new habit will take only 30 days. To do this: choose a habit you want to develop, preferably single. Be careful to go slowly on installing a habit only by time. The steps that you will follow and repeat daily to install that habit writes in a paper.

Make sure you assign a moment and a specific duration to perform that activity. The obligation to promote continuity. Discuss your intentions with your family and loved ones. You can even post them on your personal blog. This will generate a public commitment and you’ll be forced to comply with it. It communicates your progress others. Whether you’re reaching your goals as if you are not succeeding as fast as you expect. Enjoy the success. 6 Caution: Begins little by little, step by step get organized to comply with these principles. Don’t let your routine tasks distract you from your goals, don’t let that interfere with your most important projects: get the paperwork and phone calls in the morning. Defines days and a specific schedule to check the e-mail. It restricts the use of Internet if it is not strictly necessary reasons. If you apply these six principles from today, you’ll see that in just 7 days you better control your time and eliminating distractions and interruptions necessary, installs gradually new habits in your life that will triple your productivity. Leave me your comments and tell me what habits have decided to develop, and what result you is giving you more focused on your tasks and strengthen your self-discipline in the use of time.