The model of persecution of the work unloadings protected by rights of author established in France and known like law Hadopi, already begins to lubricate its machinery. After knowing for days the intention of the USA of to copy this French model, the same has been following its course and fulfilling fixed. According to the procedure consecrated in the Law, the user of Internet that unloads works protected by author rights is noticed so that he stops in his activity. Later, and when stating a presumed reiteration of the facts, receives one second warning, accompanied of a certified letter. (A valuable related resource: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger). The following step is, according to related the president of the Commission of Protection of Data of Hadopi, Mireille Imbert Quaretta, to try case by case and of automatic way each one of the information not to decide which must be sent before the Office of the public prosecutor, which will be able to decree the suspension of the service besides imposing economic fines of up to 1,600 .

As far as suspense of the service, has it debates (judicial) in march to know what is what it is due to cut, since the possibility that exists the access to the Webs to the violators is denied but is allowed them to use services of mail or communication. Top people in charge of Hadopi explained that in the last nine months, altogether incidents have detected 18.380.844 apparent, from that was gotten to identify 902,970 directions IP through the Internet operators which they provide the connections and 470,878 first warnings and 20,598 second letters were sent certified by presumed recidivism, on a total of about 36 million Internet installments that are in France . Imbert Quaretta, affecting the pedagogical purpose of the Law, indicated that the people in charge of Hadopi count whereupon the development of its work has a dissuasive effect, you lie that in parallel a more powerful system able is prepared to manage more cases simultaneously and of arriving until 200,000 newspapers against from the 5,000 present time .. By the same author: Frank Fu.