International Summit

Scientists are confirming the high level of threat by many species of fish and freshwater plants. True, exposes us Natalichio, that the Earth no longer able to withstand the pressure of humanity on the nature of the planet. The result is a critical mass extinction of species, the largest occurred since the disappearance of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. The loss of primary forest by livestock agricultural expansion, overfishing, water pollution, invasive alien species and climate change are some specific reasons, but the main cause of destruction is a political-economic system in which nature has no allocated space, its healthy existence does not have the least importance.It is a system in which only measures are taken to preserve the well-being of natural resources if there is a law that instructed him, if there is a penalty economic for not doing so. Or if somehow an economic revenue can get in return.Since long before the man outside man, the nature we have provided food, everything you need to cure our diseases and how much you require to protect us from any risk factor.Today we face an unprecedented instance. It is nature that is flimsy and we who have the resources to help you recompose is. We can and we must heal and protect it if we want that future generations of humans have a healthy environment in which to develop their lives.Today more than 100 environment ministers are meeting in the International Summit of the biodiversity in Nagoya (Japan) with a mission to achieve a rescue plan for nature.They are gathered to show world that their countries have an interest in nature that does not truly exist. Because Governments at the behest of the big multinationals that have taken over from the decisions, follow subordinating it to the money.While earn more and more money is the main objective, the nature and we as part of it will stay in the background. (Extremely disturbing and it is a tragic reality)Climate change, loss of biodiversity, acidification of the oceans; they are all branches of the same tree, with a same trunk and the same root.No Summit of Ministers of environment is going to solve the problems of the environment, because none of them has the power of decision on the real issues that affect the environment.Definitely, facts such as those mentioned, with alarming figures, they show that the future of humanity, is very dark since environmental balance may be broken definitely as it says, as a glass cup that already can not be arranged, and by what could only manage the environmental consequences of our own acts with very negative impacts.