International Advice

Essemanual is armed of rules, that in the truth are orientaes, principles, concepts, procedures and indications on the 16 arrangement and description of archive documents. With passing of the time, if language transformed emuma universalpara all the archivists, and is seen as one grandemarco, therefore the arquivstica one passes not to be more subsidiary of History from its creation. In century XX, the archives will go to recoup its administrative dimension, with the consolidation from years 30. After the ending of the Second GuerrMundial, appears in 1950 the International Advice of Archives (CIA), leisque emphasizes the Arquivstica, and with technological explosion, appears the computer, nets of TV, etc. that will go to give has supported to this science real the world-wide level and emtempo, giving to origin digital documents and archives, they at any time informaespodem where them to be consulted, and of where it will be, through dInternet. The affirmation of the Arquivstica as Cinciada Information; the importance of the information as meiode to manage documents; it becomes same a science that searchs new paradigms, ondesua certification in the new geopolitical configuration and the sprouting of new technologies of the information, becoming – gestorade all the documents of the world.

final 3.Consideraes Workmanships of historical content and the desire to deratificar the hypothesis where the archives had appeared in the prehistoric period, had been necessary elements stop stimulating in them to always carry through this research, using – of historical facts, to count the history of a people, its contribution for the arquivstica, its vestiges that are of great valorpara academic studies in current times. The reflection on the evolution of the Archive eda Arquivologia in the perspective of History, broke terms after evidenced ainexistncia of a literature related to this subject and of that renomadosarquivistas they have you doubt on the origin of the archive. The present work has porobjetivo to show this evolution and to display a hypothesis of that the archive appeared noperodo prehistoric and not in the old civilization Greek; as poralguns studious of the area without certainty is defended.