Insecticides And Its Differences

The insecticides that are products to fight insects are divided in some classifications. Generally we call levels the professional one of ' ' dedetizantes' ' , data the fact of effect (action) to the combat of control of urban plagues. The insecticides common (acquired; in the supermarket, market, bars, etc) has effect of shock, classified of insecticides for the moment. He is obvious that the function of this type of product, nor always is the desired one for the customer, however the same fulfills satisfactorily its paper where was developed. The insecticides of professional level have a very superior concentration to the common product of supermarket. Some are not but toxic for question of odor, but for of bigger concentration. Each defensive (chemical product to fight insects) has its function of effect, independent of its color. Amongst these; some have effect of shock (extermina fast) but not intoxica per many days or months, already of desalojante effect (take off the insects of its hiding place or habitate) with objective of exterminar it is of the hiding place, while others have residual effect (it works giving prevention, beyond intoxicar the new visitors of its home).

Therefore, it does not exist insecticidal bad, what it lacks is information. We do not have confusing in them with insecticide of strong odor, some fulfill the shock paper, but nor always it has residual effect. Many insecticides after applied, will not have fast effect, but with passing of the time, you it will perceive the absence of the insects undesirable. Other information;