HTZ Parts

Now that the computer has become a common tool in almost all firms to replace the microfiche advent of modern information technology – electronic catalogs (e-catalogs.) Currently, they are usually recorded on compact discs (CD-ROM). These directories are easier to use, because the CD have a greater capacity, and changes and additions may be made by their receipt of an urgent dispatch via the Internet and make the necessary changes of databases. Domestic manufacturers of tractors, machines, engines and other equipment do not pay the printing and timely updating of the directory as much attention as the foreign firms, and only for distribution of updated directories consumers do not have dreamed of. Not let our manufacturers of machines and microfiche, and even more so – electronic versions of the parts catalog. Nature, as we know, abhors a vacuum. The company AVM Kharkiv, trading in spare parts for domestic tractors Faced with misunderstandings customers, repairers, suppliers and our own commodity researchers arising from the poor quality, obsolescence, and sometimes total lack of spare parts catalogs for the national Technology has found a solution.

The specialists have developed their own AVM Kharkiv technology to create interactive electronic, that is, working online, catalogs. Catalogues of parts and assembly units (Spare parts) tractors HTZ – the first product that arose on its basis. This – not just a set of data, but also a set of programs that offer to the user tremendous opportunities. The search system allows you to get information about details, group data for structural and functional features. The use of multimedia interactive directory greatly simplifies the selection of necessary details, including them in the specifications for orders, invoices or for other purposes by navigating directly to the drawings and specifications with the 'mouse' or a touch screen. You may not know part number needed spare parts, do not remember her name, but knowing what it looks like detail and where the car it is, it is easy to find everything you need for the correct order. If you know only about the name of the parts, then you will find the context.

In the service and trade organizations electronic interactive catalogs greatly accelerated and facilitated the work with a huge assortment of parts and components for all makes of domestic tractors, machines and engines. The use of online catalogs takes problem of erroneous orders, increases efficiency – faster training specifications, reducing the number of errors. An important advantage of e-catalogs is to attract energetic young people, appreciating modern means of labor. E-Catalogues allows you to quickly train new personnel. On the development of an online catalog takes 10 minutes, and then people can have their own understanding of the device components and assemblies, accustomed to learning details on the appearance of dozens of times faster than with traditional paper-based training on directories. For more information, please visit