Home Office

“But they mostly have a major shortcoming: regarding style and individuality they quickly reach limits”, explains Markus Biland, Managing Director of Artmodul AG. Flexible systems of desks, functional furniture and Office chairs that allow for easy adjustments and individual combinations and so depending on the taste and needs of almost unlimited possibilities are in demand. Important is that the furniture fit perfectly in the homelike environment and dominate not only as commodities but as design elements. In addition to the various combinations of individual furniture, the use of different accents and different surface materials such as wood, glass or aluminium offer interesting design possibilities, to put an end to the sadness in the work room. Desks offer flexible facilities numerous combinations depending on the compilation: Room taking advantage of corner, as individual or group work, with small or large work surface. Desks in the classical form of the rectangle serve as basic or acreage that can be arbitrarily linked to free-form shapes or square tables. Other leaders such as Walter Bettinger offer similar insights. An additional, free-standing and height-adjustable table, can easily be adjusted to a comfortable standing workplaces and support to work in a dynamic way. Modern desks have a cable under the table top and the table base, which brings power and data almost invisible on the surface of the table.

Easily accessible storage space can complement the desks to roll or swing container, drawers and practical shelves. More info: lucas till. A flexible Tower wagons and a sideboard with sliding doors that hide in the smallest space in the corners and niches after work, technical devices like printer, scanner, or fax are more practical functions. More storage space more space for files and folders, or as an archive for documents and Office supplies offer shelf combinations oriented to stowage. Also comfortable sitting to relaxed working. Who is not already after two hours work with the notebook with back pain from the couch or the kitchen table stood up? Also in the local study, the same rules of ergonomics in the Office. An office swivel chair, which can be adjusted individually, the basis for the healthy working in the Home Office”, reports Stefan Kiss Director design & consulting, Steelcase Werndl AG. Back-friendly and comfortable chairs not only outfitted with an attractive appearance, but flexible can be used depending on the needs in the apartment. A home office no matter how extensive is today a place almost in each apartment.

For those who place high demands on aesthetics and exclusivity in the workspace, there are diverse and individual solutions. No trade-offs must be made. Many systems create the balancing act between the supposed opposites form and function and bring convincing design, maximum functionality and quality in harmony. Tanja EST