Harmful Plastics

Everyone knows what a plastic. It so came into our lives and our way of life. What we have no idea of what would be done most things. But nobody thought about how it is harmful and how useful use? Let's take a closer look at the life of plastics in our environment. If you look around, in every room, kitchen, bathroom plastic surrounds us everywhere. Packaging, boxes, computers, containers for vacuum cleaners phones and toys and much more made of this substance. How does this affect our health and our children's health? There are some types of plastics, which are much harm to human health.

Polycarbonate contains a substance as bisphenol A. It causes hormonal disorders. Which subsequently leads to various diseases – cancer, endocrine and other resonant. Plastics can be divided into 7 categories. Determine what kind of Plastics made a particular subject can be making out the figure of a triangle, whose walls are shown as arrows. – Polyethylene terephthalate. It is made bottles for various products such as juice, sunflower oil, Ketchup and others.

As well as packaging for cosmetics. This kind of cheap plastic, durable and safe enough for our lives. – High-density polyethylene. Used for the manufacture of disposable tableware, cosmetics, gels, and bottles for shampoo, containers for cleaners, covers, bottles, boxes, packing bags and toys. They are also safe, durable and easy to recycle. Withstand relatively high temperatures – up to +110 C. – Polivinlhlorid. It is used in the manufacture of linoleum, window profiles, packaging, household appliances, iskusttvennoy skin film suspended ceilings, curtain for the shower. This type of plastic is off, but it is difficult to recycle enough and toxic. – Low-density polyethylene. From it produces packaging materials, bags, CDs. It's easy, cheap, is considered safe, although its production uses utan, benzene and vinyl acetate. – Polypropylene. It is made from buckets, bags, caps, packaging of certain products, and packaging of household appliances. Withstands high temperatures (up to 175 C). It is believed that it is safe. – Polystyrene. Used for Manufactured by the well-known to all disposable utensils, cups of yogurt, toys, insulation boards, packaging for eggs, and more. He is not strong, but fairly cheap stuff. It is believed that the polystyrene obtained polymerization of styrene, a carcinogen. – Other types of plastics. They are little known, because their use is dangerous to our health. Yet sometimes they are used in the manufacture of glassware, bottles, etc. So try to avoid plastic utensils, Better use porcelain, metal or glass.