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This is a relatively new term in Internet, computing in the cloud (cloud computing), is not another thing that programs and computing services distributed via the internet, this service by any user, companies or individuals, have access to applications available in the internet cloud. It was originally intended for companies, Amazon began in 2006 by launching its EC2 programme and although service payment access to other applications and developments, the fact is that all internet users have benefited with the arrival of this new service on the network. Institutions, agencies and companies, have the possibility of renting spaces in virtual servers to store there internal and private data, and up, you can host your own applications and programs. This way they get one lower cost, and as providers are giant corporations, nor should worry about the maintenance of the server or the inconvenience out of service produced with little effective hosting. On the issue of companies, agencies and institutions, obtained with this service many advantages so that if you have a business I suggest you reports more on the subject.

An excellent service that you can begin to investigate is Google Apps, and see all the possibilities that it offers, which are excellent and more. Corporate email, calendars, documents, internal chat, web sites, suite Office (Office suite), contact management, control panel private, and, basically storing data on Google’s servers, along with many other things that the employer knows to distinguish. Every day are more companies that leverage the technological platform of Google and get excellent service both computing and Messaging. You have option of payment service, or free service obviously lower resource capacity. SOME advantages and its utilization: Considerable reduction of costs, does not require neither Hardware nor less Software management systems do not time loss of information there are reliability and security of Google updates automatic and permanent system optimized to work on computer access from anywhere, company, Office, your home, a cyber cafe, or wherever.

I really suggest that you explore all the features, applications and possibilities of this system which, for now, keeping costs very low and accessible for any such company is an SME, as medium-sized or large. You can also access similar services offered by other companies as: Microsoft Azure and many Eyeos assert that these new technologies will help enormously to firms doing business. But although it has been called the natural evolution of the Internet also has its detractors. The famous American programmer Richard Stallman, actually an authority in the matter, criticized cloud computing considering that everyone should run their processes in your hardware and with its own free software and anything else was a trap. Finally: Finally, there you see are for everyone, more than opinions in favor or against, I think that, like everything else, one must draw their own conclusions but based on his own experience. But I believe that a fact exists very revealing and demonstrative confirms that new technologies bring progress and growth, and is that, for some reason more than two million companies are currently using only Google Apps, not counting all the other companies that provide the same service. Well, something to investigate, but more than anything to join your company. A lot of luck!!