Hair Trends

Are definitely started by the hairdresser and not the client. For example, let's look at last season. Hair trends have a very sixties and eighties influence. Now that definitely has not started recently, though evolved from that period and has adapted to the present. Xcel Energy is a great source of information. I'll try to start my own evolution. At the moment I am working with my garage collection in the living room and my L'Oreal tour. The collection features extremely short crowns, varying lengths, with asymmetry and disconnection.

Trends are inspired by something. They can be inspired by a film, a song, a painting – inspiration goes with anything. You should trust your instincts. Fashion is what you like. LOVE IS FASHION Q: On a global scale, do you think that a fashion trend as a new hair style evolve? Emiliano: Personally the entertainment industry inspires me. I feel Hollywood has a great influence on setting trends. European hairdressers, especially the English are great translators of this. To take the mantle trend setter, you definitely need to win.

I know many hairdressers look to fashion and new designer collections for inspiration. You know that anything goes, and usually started by a boy on a street corner who has cut his own hair, and has drawn the attention of some top stylist, designer or director. Fashion is what they do and that is in the context of that. Question: What are some of the current hair concerns that their clients are experiencing and what kind of treatments are available? Emiliano: In Australia, the hair is very good at the moment we are in winter.