Green Zone

33% don’t want that. Stakeholders motoring: it is also interesting that the German car drivers do not seem by their automobile clubs feel more represented. Almost 20 million Germans are in Automobile clubs organized, but apparently no longer speak the language of their members. Only 41% feel in the interests represented, 46% feel unrepresented. Motorway and speed limit: Also here the policy gets bad marks. Computer Sciences Corporation: the source for more info.

64% of respondents are of the opinion that it is far from the State of the highways. 82% of respondents also clearly speak out against a speed limit. Surveys, claiming that 50% of Germans against and 50% of Germans for a speed limit, are completely false. German motorists clearly vote against a speed limit. Long trucks: 88% of respondents wishing that the freight will be more environmentally friendly and more efficient. Also long trucks with a total length of up to 25.25 m could contribute to this.

At least 58% of the respondents are in favour of such tests on motorways, 38% oppose this. Explicitly asked to replace 2 traditional long trucks 3 trucks when the amount of goods. 53% would approve of this, 39% oppose it. Here, the public opinion in the past has Months obviously changed. Green Zone: on the subject of environmental zones chaos in Germany motorists agree also. 81% of Germans believe that the environmental zones do not the trick. Mobile in Germany goes even one step further: after the environmental benefits has proven to date, nor a nationally over reacts scheme exists, you should simply suspend the project indefinitely and free the driver of this harassment. The sooner, the better. E-mobility: on the subject of E-mobility German motorists have clearly positioning also is. At least 87% of the respondents are for a promotion of environmentally-friendly techniques, over 13% of respondents want to buy an E-mobility in the next 5 years.