Greeks Krypts

Some people try to make these number in addition, however, with very high numbers, them hardly they obtain success in its attempts, therefore the numbers are very gigantic as, for example, (2193 – 1). The prime factors of this number are: p = 13.821.503; q = 61.654.440.233.248.340.616.559; r = 14.732.265.321.145.317.331.353.282.383. Which the multiplication: p x q x r = (2193-1) As we can perceive this number alone could be gotten by a computer, imagines now, that somebody tries to obtain this result for fatorao, this person would die to try to discover this number and never would go to obtain to arrive at this result. A normal computer to make calculations and to try to break a criptografia of a number type 10130 would lead about 50 years effecting its fatorao. But before we go to try to understand what it is Criptografia.

CRIPTOGRAFIA In the past, the governing of its countries were used of medias to command its armies, where its messages would be sufficiently important and if it fell in wrong hands could cause a great damage, therefore the same ones possuam precious secrets, the respect who knows of a plan of attack, or same a weakness in the enemy army, therefore they knew that this form of communication would have more to be a form insurance, therefore, it would be a threat for the governing, from appeared the idea there to mask the messages through codes and ciphers, so that only that one that went to receive the message, knew what it was written, thus appeared ours criptografia. Remembering that, since then, the decipherers are there fighting intensely it only stops to be breaking these codes. The Criptografia word comes of the union of two words Greeks Krypts and Grphein, which Krypts means ' ' oculto' ' ' ' envolto' ' Grphein means ' ' escrever' ' ; soon, according to Emerson Elecrim: One is about a set of concepts and techniques that it aims at to codify a form information that the sender and the receiver only can have access it, preventing that an intruder obtains to interpret it.