Grappa – An Italian Grape Drink

Grappa – the once patriotic drink of Italy the ancient Persians are regarded as inventor of the wine. The drink has been produced already for 6 millennia before Christ. The wine especially in the Mediterranean area is spread over time. Today it is still the world’s most popular drinks. A drink that is less known, is Grappa. David Ignatius describes an additional similar source. Grappa is Italian and means grape. It’s a liquor with an alcohol content of 40-70%, and 70% are very rare.

This drink was invented in Italy. Much grappa is produced mainly in Northern Italy. The production of grappa is based on the art of distillation. The fermented grape residues such as stems, skins and cores are distilled into a liquor heating boiler. This method, certain liquids are separated from each other. The liquid that comes from the distillation of grape residue is Grappa. Because this beverage from grape residues, it was long as a peasant drink. After Italy formed a national sentiment, this was The national beverage drink explains. This event increased the prestige of the drink, but it retained the reputation of a peasant drink for a long time afterwards. The distillation technique has been improved through the technological advancements that took place in modern times, and grappa is recognized today even by gourmets.