That idea that it was giving returned in the head finally germinated. Finally we have the Web site that as much we dreamed. Now, it is the moment which everybody of the beautiful site finds out which we have managed to create. The moment arrives for promoting and for promoting the site and for managing all the means necessary to be able to get to see it in the first sites of the finders. But, by means of what magician alchemy can be obtained resemblance miracle? In order to arrive to occupy the best sites of the finders and to progress in page rank factor that is influenced by the positioning, but that is not the unique thing determines that it is not necessary no magic in particular, nor to own extensive technical knowledge and of programming. Simply following these advice, we will be in the suitable way. It agrees to design the site in HTML entirely.

No matter how hard we feel attemped before those showy groups of flash, it would be a serious error to entirely program the site in this technology. What happens is that crawlers that indexes the sites, that is to say robots that is in charge to index the sites their periodic revision to be including in the finders is handled far better with text, that is to say reads with effectiveness HTML that flash or Java. Although great progresses as far as increasing the capacity of reading of bots towards the sites with flash or Java have become lately, it continues being the text the favorite food of crawlers. Another important subject is tags, that is to say small pieces of code that includes in the source code of the site. It is always good for consulting the resources for webmasters which Google has, to clear any doubt. Although for many years that Google does not consider keywords for the positioning in finders, always it has been good for including them.