Free Software

When we dialogue with the changes offered for the technology, the education it transforms the support and adapta contents, only searchs the side segmentation, leaving the entertainment and assume new knowledge. But which has been the time of the education in radio WEB? Of the point of view of Wedge (2004), currently the digital supports bring up to date permanently the education, the information, and consequentemente the content in net, being able to transmit everything in real time, keeping all the transforming and construction content of knowledge, generating a place of expression, participativo and of diffusion of ideas. ' ' The time and space thus leave of being barrier, therefore it is possible to hear a radio in the WEB of any place of the planet, at the moment where more interessar.' ' (WEDGE, 2004, p.12) the manifest expression if The education inside of radio WEB, using Softwares Free, it is changedded into a dialgico and opened space and breaches all inside the hierarquizao of knowing of a school, implanting educative and creative ecosystems. As Hermans (2004) the dialogue if relates closely with the space. What it can be understood as exchange of information between position in imaginary or real spaces is a dialogue.

When the dialogue happens between proper it and the citizen, will only have place when imagined in a space in which the different participants if locate in relation ones to the others. Free Software says respect to the freedom of all the users to copy, to study, to execute and to modify and to even perfect software. Free Software is a system opened for the creation, supplying to the using possibilities to join the art to make audio with the most different accessories. The construction knowing of them, inside of Radio WEB, with the use of Free Software is of collective form, thus constructing the dialogue as basic part of the process creative.