Free Software

ALa freedom 1 I remember once I bought a bmx bike and I dared not to go out until I withdrew not all things that no necesitaba or who did not want to use. Among the elements that retired was the brakes with all its rotor system game amid the spokes reflectors. I also put more air in the wheels. Days later disarmed completely because I wanted to know how funcionaban their systems and bicycle parts with another that already had exchanged. Never was so much fun riding a bike when I personalice my bike in that way and I can not imagine a world in which the manufacturer of bicycles I prohibit to personalice and my bike suits my tastes and needs. Freedom 1 says that you are free to study the code and adapt it to your needs.

It is really frustrating to buy something and not be able to improve it if you have the possibility of doing so because the manufacturer prevents you. Things fails on a regular basis or simply don’t do what you want and that is when would you be able to change it. The code of the software that has been subjected to criticism of thousands of users two heads think more than one. It is irefutable that when problems and things are analyzed from different points of view can be much more information of what is being analizis and observation. A hacker finds great satisfaction when it detects errors and this satisfaction is much greater when you know that you can correct them. Nobody offers millions of dollars rewards for who detect errors in free software, most however the pride and satisfaction of having been the first to detect the fault and have it corrected between thousands of skilled users is all a juicy reward.

This person passes automatically become an important reference in the area of development where was detected the error. For example; If you trataba vulnerability in security, this person would be the ideal person to be taken into account in important projects on the topic of security. Also can this person make use of these plasmandolos achievements in your job resume for better job opportunities. ES Thanks to the sum of disinterested contributions that have been developed so robust and reliable applications based on software free as those that today have. Those contributions were made possible by freedom 1 that empowers the user to be able to study the code and incorporate relevant improvements for proper operation according to your needs. The software code that has not been subject to criticism from thousands of users. This code is generally less stable and reliable since the heads which have intervened in the process of development is limited. It is possible that the development team has developed an application in its entirety with a thorough debugging and to return from vacation are with more errors than before had not seen. One of the major drawbacks in the development systems of closed source or privative where the code has not been subject to public scrutiny, is that users have a tendency to aberrant exploit bugs and vulnerabilities of security nauseam, leaving networks and inoperative systems caused by malicious attacks.