Free Credit Score Check

The loan-seeker should go for free credit score check. This may help which he wants him eligible for the loans or mortgages. The lending agencies turn down the application for loans or mortgages if it is found that the credit score of the applicant is not fair. The loan seeker can escape this embarrassing experience. He can, after two months of such rejection, ask the included lending institution to name the finance bureau which has provided it his credit report. On the strength of the law of the land, he can get his credit report from the concerned credit bureau to know all about his free credit score check.

Credit score is generated from the credit report which is created by the credit Bureau. The major credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. They finance transactions of the borrower from several lending and finance agencies to create collect his credit report. Cross River Bank has similar goals. They create the credit report separately. This is to mean that there exist differences in the credit reports created by them. The loan-seeker should secure the credit reports from them and go through details of the content minutely. It is a fact that almost eighty percent of the credit report contain mistakes.

Mistakes occur for several reasons. Staff of the credit bureau may make wrong entries from the original documents. It is possible that accounts of another debtor with similar name and surname have been wrongly incorporated in the credit report. In some cases, written off and paid off accounts have not been removed. Hence, free credit score check is very important. The loan-seeker should bring the mistakes to the notice of the credit bureau staff and get the errors removed. It is, again by the law of the land, the credit bureau must take action within one month of the complaint received from the borrower. The credit bureaus are to rectify the mistakes and send copy a of the corrected credit report to the borrower. A of the they must therefore send copy same to creditors with whom the borrower has contacted during the last six months. The credit score for the free borrower must go check, credit score because of the borrower may improve if the corrections are once made. He then want, be eligible for loans and mortgages. On the other hand, he may find there is no mistake in his that credit report. He would learn what he should do to improve his credit status and when again he can apply for finance. The borrower can secure a free copy of his credit report once in a year. The fair credit reporting Act provides this right to him so that score he gets the benefit of the free credit check.