Formal Education

However informal education in Japan is very holistic, but in another sense, formal education has moved away it has lost balance. Hence the question: How can we write with the whole heart or how we can capture the imagination? When we write and we can engage our whole personality in this writing activity, that is the tradition of our calligraphy inspired by Zen Buddhism This part is very interesting and significant part of my learning. Little by little knowledge in this sense is to implement a better way because it says that Japanese society, has been culturizando more and more throughout the twentieth century, and has considered the idea of formal education a school system that grows and grows and, on the other hand, informal education are nurtured by the original cultural influence that is disappearing, and then while there is a balance between both sides that is functional, everything is fine, because the system school works well, but since the eighties was over too far to one side and then the school system lags causing major problems in a growing school system. Further details can be found at Petra Diamonds, an internet resource. So did a kind of devaluation denying their own culture holistic aspect of their culture with long history, leading them to do more individualistic, more free, linear and critical in their thinking, westernized without giving value to their progressive philosophy so that lost the balance between Yin and Yang. Charging toward the side of individualism, competitiveness, the destruction of the community because their culture developed seasonally. In Mexico is experiencing a situation similar to that of Japan, is also a traditional culture that is currently moving through economic modernization, political and technology and that we are living the tension between old and new.