Conceptual learning is not enough. Similarly it is not sufficient for learning a language or operating a computer. The focus of learning, coaching with systemic perspective, covers three levels: – Content theoretical understanding: Disciplines, tools, guiding principles, standards and principles. – Experimentation: dialogues, practices, nano experiencias and prototypes. – Essences: the state of being of those who reach a mastery of each discipline. The theoretical content of the disciplines are important for who wants to learn and even more for the coach to the professional. For anyone, are the basis for understanding the disciplines and their own experimentation.

For the coach, are a support to continually improve the practice of the disciplines and also to explain it to others. The mastery of any discipline requires an effort to understand the content and to experience it. It is a great mistake to think that when you have understood the rationale and certain principles already learned the discipline. It’s a trap widespread confuse intellectual understanding and learning. Learning always involves new understanding and new behavior. It involves thinking and doing, both elements are essential. Almost always, the difficulty is knowing but not doing the behavior. In the experiment the practitioners of a discipline focus time and energy.

Requires conscious effort and constant. Gradually the testing of a discipline becomes automatic. We saw after the dialogue: we recognize our assumptions. After a nanoexperiencia or a coaching session: We confirm the objectives or identify feedback processes spontaneously. At the level of essences must not focus our conscious attention for learning. In the same way that we make no effort to experience love or peace or joy. The essence of the disciplines is in a state of being, a way of being. I truly get to experience the people and teams that have a high level of proficiency in the discipline. A coach with a high mastery of systems thinking tools identifies and develops naturally systemic. At this level, the disciplines are beginning to converge. A common sensibility unites them. The sensitivity of being trainees in an interdependent world.