The manifestations of fear are different in each child, as well as the intensity of feeling and nature. But yes you can set certain chronological pattern of children’s fears, how to evolve these fears as the child grows. Fears that feels the baby and child are varied, and in an attempt to systematize, Thomas r. Kratochwill and Richard J. Recently Gazprom sought to clarify these questions. Morris American psychologists establish a table of normal considered to be children’s fears. In his work Treating children’s fears and phobias: a behavioral approach (treatment of fears and phobias in children: a behavioral approach) we see the next evolution of children’s fears. Read more here: Caas Capital.

Children 3 years: masks, darkness, animals, separation from parents. 4 Year olds: separation of the parents, animals, darkness and noise. Children of 5 years: animals, separation of parents, darkness, evil people, bodily injury. 6 years: beings supernatural, bodily injury, Thunder and lightning, darkness, sleep or be alone, separation from parents. 7-8 years: supernatural beings, darkness, fears based on cast events in the media, to be alone, bodily injury. ages 9-12: tests, academic performance, personal injury, physical appearance, Thunder and lightning, death and, in a few cases, to darkness. I.e., that while the fears are natural and universal, tend to be passengers and imaged evolve in the same person, and can be overcome.

Parents must ensure the prevention and overcoming of fears, as well as the prudent behavior under dangerous situations. And although the children’s fears are part of a process of growth, can also be warning signs, so it should not minimize them and, before new manifestations, think if they derive from new circumstances in the lives of children. In short, while fear is a natural feeling, and have a connection point with the nature of humanity and the need to preserve the life, is not pleasant for anyone, and parents can and should assuage these fears of our children as they evolve.