In the level technician, the software engineering starts with a series of modeling tasks that take to the complete specification of the requirements and to the including representation of the project it software to be constructed. (PRESSMAN, 2006, p.4). The same author still affirms that software exceeded the hardware with the key for the success of many systems based on computer. Either the used computer to direct businesses, to control a product or to enable a system, software is a factor that it differentiates. Software can assume the following form: ‘ ‘ Software is: instructions (computer programs) ‘ ‘. In many of the times software is that it makes the difference in the competition of the existing companies in Brazil.

The use of computational resources comes throughout the years developing processes of education and learning, however Software can be applied to any situation where a set previously specified of procedural steps (that is, an algorithm will have been defined) notables exceptions to this rule they are the software of system specialist and normal software. (PRESSMAN 1995, p.22). In summary, the adoption of the techniques of Engineering of software was of basic importance for the development of the research, in view of that, the Analysis of requirements, the Structuralized Analysis and the Dictionary of Data assist the development of softwares. Analysis of Systems the analysis of systems is a process that it aims at to the communication enters the analysts of systems, with the purpose at great length to define the intention and the requirements of a software (tool or archetype). The requirements of a system aim at to get a set of characteristics that the system must possess to reach its final objective in the development of Software. FALBO (2002) alleges that, the analysis of systems is a process of knowledge transmission and, thus being, it involves three stages: Learning: to learn on the domain of the problem where the system will be inserted; Estruturao and representation of the requirements of the system: it consists of the modeling of system properly said; Validation of the requirements with the user.