Economy Class

Denomination after the himself has proceeded alone, for days, weeks, months and years in the aforementioned literary career, and in the solitude of class and economy, devoid of privileges, continues climbing pre-ride although at the end, Rocky, slippery and sometimes roads and within it could due to impassable paths that meander about fruitful paths and will rest on the plain: roads filled with seriousness, perseverance and struggle, which are trying to improve and build, fix and autocriticarse himself works: having literary author contains several novels in narrative: one of them set in rural citizens of Spanish Civil War, another at the date of transition policy Spanish rural life; one more in the outcome of a child in early orphanhood, hosted in hospices and postwar miseries. In addition to some other set in current adolescence of urbanity, as well as in other eras of contemporary adolescence: 1970s. There are other related novels under her belt with the future labor market, production and the overexploitation of multinationals: narrative. All of them completed or almost completed, some published in Internet, ineditas other. We can also list a couple of booklets of poetry: poems and verses, with addition of eight monographs on great Spanish authors.

Besides some volumes collected articles of opinion, own, published in various print and digital media: electronic. In addition to some other novels in projection, which deal with various subjects of fiction, rural citizenship or of urbanity, very advanced in regards to literario-narrativa structure. PARTICIPATORY: Conchilla Agustin is a correspondent for Diario Digital Andalucia 24 hours, in whose pages published in different sections cultural and opinion; as well as a collaborator of cultural magazines and other websites of literature and poetry: printed and digital. Is also a member of the global network of writers in Spanish (REMES) and Member of the Association of Spanish artists and writers, with personal identification: 1675; as well as a member of the Spanish Centre of reprographic rights in Spain.